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...From the sublime to the subliminal
.....From the classical to edgy modern
.......From the classical religious to gothic contemporary
..........From the avant garde to mainstream

              Antonio has done many commission pieces for his collectors ...Something to think about.
Antonio Roybal is a Native to Santa Fe. Born in 1976 his family has been in New Mexico     since the late 1600'S. He apprenticed with Salvador Dali's best friend  Ernst Fuchs in        Monaco, France as one of his best private apprentices.He also apprenticed with Jean-          Claude Gaugy and was his personal assistant for 1 year.

Antonio Roybal paints in the classic masters technique of the Italian and Flemish painters between the 14th and 17th century.  This technique requires great knowledge and executions of plaster on wood, oil, and egg  tempera. His painting can take up to 6 months to dry due the fact that up to 30 layers of oil are needed for him to create  the depth and rich vibrant colors needed in each painting. 
Antonio Roybal Biography
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